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What People are Saying about AmazingTraps

It works. Tried some other kinds of traps to catch attic mice, but all were ignored. This trap works over and over. It is ridiculously easy to set, and then I just use a very small quantity of cereal or raw nuts for bait (1 or 2 pieces is plenty). Gotcha! I then just put the entire trap into a bag to transport the little critter to a new home far away..

Troy Grey

Incredible humane trap. I had a problem with a nuisance chipmunk in my yard. I didn’t want to kill it but did want to relocate it to prevent damage to my lawn. I set this out near the area I often saw him and baited it with the sunflower seeds it came with. In less than 12 hours, I caught him!!! Drove him 4 miles away and released. See the picture I attached of my catch. Reusable trap too!.

Richy Lace

I never realized how cute rats are, until I started my catch and release program. Some of them get so scared, though, I feel bad for them. I no longer hear rats scurrying under my house and in the ac vents in the floor any more. It used to be 24/7..

July Wood